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“Owner, Sofia, is talented beyond belief! She will give you her undivided attention! | Barbara B.

“I love that there is something for everyone here”   |  Sharon J.

“Fashionable clothing, that is high quality. A local owner who is very nice and has a beautiful store” | Nikki J.

“Incredible shopping experience built on the aesthetics of color. Very reasonable prices for quality clothing made in the US.” | Erica J.

“Love this shop! Original designs at very reasonable prices. Sofia is a very talented designer” | Linda B.

“What can I say, Sofia is my favorite fashion designer” |  Heidi S.

“A stop at my beautiful friend, Sofia’s store to pick up something to wear for my birthday. She designs everything and it’s all made in the USA” | Katy S.B

“If you want unique designer clothing that is super affordable (and you want to meet the designer) please check SM” | Jennifer McC.

“Great fall & winter fashions to stay cozy with” | Amy K.

“Trendy quality clothes and cute accessories!” | Mary W.

“Designer clothes without the designer sticker shock!” | Dale T.

“I love this place!!!” | Alisa H.

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