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Architect and Designer, the creator behind every line proudly crafted to enhance women's natural looks.

Born and raised in Argentina Sofia founded her eponymous fashion label in 2018. A signature style of confident, wearable and modern minimalism yet sophisticated comfort was born. Intuitive, clever and sharp each collection features remarkable crafstmanship,  materials and attention to details.

Developed at Sofia’s home studio for 3 years the collections began with a series of basic girl’s and women’s wear (LO boutique) to become todays unique, effortless and complete women’s ready-to-wear and accessories fashions.

In 2020, Sofia Mantoni presented for the first time at the New York Fashion Week 8 looks of her classy and refined Fall | Winter Collection 2020 | 2021.

Sofia Mantoni now operates her first store location and studio in Spokane WA and will be opening another one in Toronto, CA and in Paris, FR.

  “ Fashion design is about helping women look and feel confident”  Sofia Mantoni

Confidence leads to success. 

Clothing is a reflection of what we are thinking and feeling. How we behave is also affected by the clothes we wear. Therefore what we choose to wear could discern how confident we feel about ourselves.

Our story began when Sofia Mantoni, a fashionable, intuitive teen girl, was frustrated she couldn’t find the styles she envisioned, and she set out to design and make them for herself.  She made skirts out of pants, shorts out of shirts, she combined shapes, prints and color palettes in an entirely new way. Women loved the designs, they sparked the beginning of           . 

​Nowadays, Sofia mindfully designs and makes refined and straightforward clothing lines to enhance women's natural looks and uplift the way they feel about themselves. Appealing, original styles that are high quality, chic and wearable.

Confident women perform better.