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Colors & Mood: do colors affect our feelings?

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

The colors we choose to surround ourselves affect us more than we think. As a society, we associate colors with so many different things - they have meanings beyond simple visual stimulation. Some studies even suggest that we feel colors more than we see them. We all probably know that interior designers use color to create different moods in different rooms - to inspire, energize, or calm. Why not apply that concept to our clothes? Channel some of the power of color into our outfits and see what happens. Here is a rundown of all the most popular colors, what they signify, and how to use them to our advantage in our outfits, and the ones of our girls.

Red Want to get someone's attention? Red is the color! The color red empowers and draws attention toward the wearer. It is also strongly associated with romance and passion, making it a perfect date-night color. But be careful - it is also been said that red stimulates the appetite and makes us hungry for junk food, so wear with caution if you're trying to eat healthier.

Orange Like red, orange draws attention and energy, but unlike intense red, it is a little more soothing. While orange is a difficult color for some skin tones to pull off, if we have the coloring to work it, orange will help put us in a positive, energetic mood.

Yellow Sunny shades of yellow are the perfect thing to cheer up on a bad day, so if we are feeling down, wearing yellow could help perk us back up. Yellow is also associated with intelligence and inspiration, so wearing something yellow on the day of our big final exam might help us come up with some extra answers.

Green Shades of green are calm and soothing, as well as associated with nature and the outdoors. That is why green is one of spring's most popular shades. Green is also refreshing and has been found to reduce stress in those who look at it. If we are feeling really overwhelmed during finals week, add green to our outfit and we might feel more relaxed.

Blue Blue is a color that can be both peaceful and calming as well as cold and standoffish. If we are feeling really stressed out, the color blue can help us feel more relaxed. If we are sad, however, we might want to steer away - the color blue can subconsciously make us feel more "blue." Studies also show that blue can make us more creative, so if we want to channel some genius for our art project, wearing blue might be able to help.

Purple Regal and sophisticated, purple is associated with creativity and luxury. Like red, purple is a very stimulating color which can boost our energy level when we see it. It is also a color that is sometimes associated with spirituality and intuition, so if we are having trouble making a decision, let's paint our nails lavender and see what comes to us.

Pink Of course we all know pink as the true girly-girl's favorite color, but it is also associated with romance and happiness. Pink is very calming, so we shouldn't wear it if we need energy. Because of its romance association, pink is a good choice for a date. We can also wear it anytime we are a little bummed out for a boost. Of course, this won't work if we hate pink.

White Missing summer on a cold spring day? Wear white! It reflects light and reminds us of sunnier days. It is also associated with peace, innocence, simplicity, and cleanliness. Wear white when we want to bring out any other colors we are wearing - it enlivens anything we pair with it.

Black If we are going for a promotion at work or interviewing for a new job, we might want to wear black - it signifies power, seriousness, authority, and responsibility, all qualities a boss is likely looking for. Outside the office, black is also a color that will give some rocker-chick edge.

These are just some ideas for new ways to think about color in our wardrobe - obviously they aren't steadfast guidelines that we should plan your outfits around every day.

What do colors mean to you? Can the color you wear really affect your mood? Research says yes; color can absolutely affect your mood, behavior and stress levels.

Whether we are into the science of color therapy or not, there is no denying we have deep associations with certain colors. What does bright yellow remind us of? The sun. What about green? Grass. Blue? The expansive summer sky, or the ocean. Now what does grey remind us of?

We often throw on anything, paying no mind to how it makes us feel. But not being mindful of our own vibes when stepping out into the world isn't doing us any favors. The better we feel about ourselves, the more we have to give to others.

Chromotherapy explains why we're physiologically affected in certain ways by certain colors. The clothes we choose to wear are viewed by us throughout the day, so they should serve as a source of constant inspiration. Is our wardrobe inspiring or draining us?

We need to take note of how certain colors affect us and keep it in mind when dressing each day. Who knows, maybe our next big idea is just a gold broach away.

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