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Trend Report | Spring 2019

A wild array of trends made their way down the runways across the world, the most exquisite of which walked in Paris. From rich colors to decadent details, Paris Fashion Week did not disappoint. Let’s take a look at what Paris sees for Spring 2019.

Marigold, the rich sister of gamboge, bloomed in Paris. Any top pairs beautifully with simple black trousers, while others featured some stunning shorts. Sundresses with layers and fringe, and A-skirts look perfect for a springtime stroll.

Paris was all about volume this season, with puffed sleeves adding dimension to many garments. Puffed sleeves with a vibrant print, dress with puff sleeves, and added puffs to blouses.

Paris designers made a statement with sequins this season, with the 80’s aesthetic with a one-shouldered, sequined party dress, stunning sequined suit features a lovely lip print, and sequined blouse that is both casual and classy.

The shirt dress was a major garment on the runway for spring 2019. More sophisticated silhouette than the traditional shirtdress, and casual too. Some look perfect for transitioning from spring and summer to fall.

Trench coats are a timeless classic, and they made it big at Paris Fashion Week. Simple styles, paired flawlessly with a 40’s style ensemble, or modern trench coat paired with simple athleisure. Some changed the game up with a sheer trench coat, and others stuck with the classic trench coat.

Spring 2019 is also bursting with… neutrals? Although many collections included the bright, bold colors we expect to see on the runway, the most popular shades were more suited to business than pleasure. Let’s take a look at the colors that made their way down the runway this season:

#1 Beige, taupe, khaki, whatever you call it, this professional color was popping on the runway. Looser suits, or kept tightly together. Beige for trench coats, and a sweat suit too sweet to exercise in.

#2 Black. Designers went back to basics with black for Spring 2019. Short suit sets paired with a lovely veil, and paired corduroy with velvet in an all-black ensemble. Long tunic paired with palazzo pants, and matching skirt sets.

#3 Bold, bright colors broke the beige and black mold on the runway this season. Striking red garments, an orange suit, beautiful bright yellow pants, and a lovely blue plaid ensemble. All must have this season.

#4 Neon. Some designers dialed their bright, bold colors up a notch with neons. The favorite being yellow neon, but also a shocking sherbert, and a neon pink bikini that was absolutely stunning.

#5 White. Designers have decked their models in white this season. Lovely dresses in white, going above and beyond with stunning sleeves and a tied waist. Trousers and a taught top, and lovely, off-the-shoulder blouses paired with, you guessed it, stark white cigarette pants.

Prints make a season, and this season will be known for far away florals and a lot of animal print. Let’s take a look at what else designers were working with this upcoming Spring 2019 season:

#1 Animal print was a Spring 2019 favorite on the runway. Cheetah print and leopard print, in it's original versions or colored.

#2 Florals. Designers are clearly in need of a vacation since so many floral prints were from faraway places. Tropical style, a more orchid-centric style, in dresses and jackets perfect for a tropical rainstorm!

#3 Polka dots were anything but passe this season. White polka dots on a colorful background, or color polka dot on a white background. Also a seventies style matching set with black polka dots on a blue background.

#4 Print mixing continues to be popular this season. The same pattern in different colors, or not. Designers even paired plaid and printed letters.

#5 Wild Prints. Although the usual term is conversational, these prints are so loud they need a new word; Wild prints. Designers featured some photoshopped floral, and utilized landscape prints. Others showed geometric prints with loud colors, and created a floral that looked as if it had been drawn on.

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