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From Concept to Fashion Line: Our Design Process

We see clothes maybe on a rack, in a store, or on a model, and never stop to think about what actually goes behind each and every piece. Design inspiration comes from the world around us. It could be a love for a style or shape of clothing that we have, or we could be influenced by nostalgic influences of particular time periods. But how do you create a collection? Today, we want to share with you what sparks a design, where does the inspiration come from? And to get the most accurate answer, we have asked Sofia Mantoni to share her intel and experience.

"There is a lot that goes behind a single piece of clothing," she says, "from how it was planned to how it was created and how the product actually turns out." From the concept to the fashion there are several stages. But, to make things easier, Sofia narrowed the design focus into three topics: intuition, inspiration, and innovation.


Designers are always ahead of time; they design pieces for upcoming seasons. "I start by imaging the clothing I would like to have or wear the moment the season starts. This usually gives me inspiration and a feel of what the collection will be about." This method maintains Sofia's streak of trend forecasting or trend-guessing. The styles she envisions will become her next season's collection, a year ahead; "It's an intuition download, I like to think. It happens to me through colors, shapes, silhouettes, and styles." Her trend intuition is a huge asset when it comes to creating a new collection.


Now, the fun part begins as Sofia sets out to find the best materials. "Some fabrics or materials, even jewelry, speak to me, and I get them, even though I do not know yet what to do with them. I treat these like a blank canvas, and they usually spark new ideas." Sometimes, Sofia finds that her drawings came to life, but this isn’t always the case. "Often, I get slapped with an idea and it drives me to modify my designs. The making process loops back and changes the original sketches. It is a little irritating sometimes, but I want to make sure I love the designs I put out." Usually, creative combinations result that maybe she hadn't thought of beforehand.


"Finally, innovation. There has always been a huge originality factor within my ideas. Authenticity and uniqueness are very important to me. I also try to be mindful about my designs and I try to make them as refined and straightforward as possible." It is easy to see her and her team's commitment towards sustainable development with minimal environmental impact, but also their attempt in making a positive contribution. "Not only do we pride ourselves on producing limited runs of unique, high-quality garments, with hand-picked fabrics and one-of-a-kind details; we are committed to repurposing, reimagining, and upcycling previous garments as well. This way, we end up using fabrics in completely different ways."

This is only a little of what goes behind each piece that Sofia designs. Her lines guarantee trendy and stylish wear that is well thought and delicately made. It is straightforward and she remains transparent with her efforts towards slow fashion. "It is a work in progress," she says, "And I am glad to have the pleasure of releasing authentic clothing lines to enhance women's natural looks and uplift the way they feel about themselves."

Appealing. Original. High quality. Honest. This is Sofia Mantoni.

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