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Green Grows the Runway

“I have always been fascinated by fashion shows. Many influential people all in one room, watching models walk wearing one-of-a-kind garments that will eventually make it into every store and wardrobe. It is said without a doubt, participating in a Fashion Week is truly an extraordinary experience for designers. So, when I was accepted to showcase my designs for Spring and Summer of 2024 in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, I was thrilled and excited to embark on this journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience Helsinki’s unique fashion culture first-hand.”

- Sofia Mantoni

The Helsinki Fashion Week of 2023 is focused on the idea of building a connection between fashion and society. Community and sustainability are visibly becoming essential pillars for the future of the fashion industry, and these values are still at the core of this Fashion Week. The 2023 edition of the Helsinki Fashion Week will lead by example into a more sustainable fashion week culture by prioritizing inclusion throughout the production and shows, as well as bringing awareness to environmental health and representation.

The industry now has a once-in-history opportunity to demonstrate that creativity and respect for boundaries can lead to authentic sustainability. But what does that mean exactly? Well, in fashion, sustainability means creating clothing and accessories in a way that minimizes their negative impact on the environment and society. This can include using recyclable materials, supporting fair labor practices, and reducing waste. These ideas are continuously gaining momentum as environmentally conscious consumers grow.

Gradually, the fashion industry is adopting more sustainable business practices, including:

  • The adoption of certifications for textiles and leather (like OEKO-Tex) to avoid toxic chemicals, especially when dyeing fabrics.

  • Preferring natural and eco-friendly materials, like bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp.

  • Local production: reducing transportation emissions and supporting local businesses.

  • Recycling textile and other materials to create new garments.

  • Reducing water usage. This can be done by implementing more modern industry 4.0 technologies that can help to use less water in the production process, or by using clothing made from materials that require less water to produce.

  • Switching to renewable energy sources, such as solar or hydropower.

  • And the maintenance of high ethical standards: avoiding captive or child labor as well as providing fair salaries.

We, as the SM team, have always appreciated these values. Since our start back in 2016, we have handcrafted each style, and Sofia has always developed and designed the lines in her home studio, since then we have grown in all aspects regarding these matters.

"I am honored to bring my designs and take part in one of the most special fashion events of the year. The fact that the Helsinki Fashion Week Group pays close attention to getting brands that are eco-friendly and sustainable, sets this runway apart from all others. I can’t wait for you to see all that is in store!"

- Sofia Mantoni

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